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We write copy for websites that need to be interesting and informative. We regularly source and supply news items that give our clients that extra edge over their competitors by ensuring users revisit their websites over and over again. Latest project is for a jeweller.

Writing good copy
We aim is to write copy that the reader will be able to understand after one reading.

We set the tone making your client's points succinctly keeping to the point. It is very simple to write in a formal tone of voice which makes copy dull and uninviting to the reader. We look to phrase the content as if we were conversing with the reader. We avoid passives try to be more direct and more human in tone.

We Make Your Points Succinctly. All too often web content writers compile sentences that try to cover too much information. We are experienced copy writers and know that by breaking up a long sentence into several sentences that make one point each, hence that interrupting the flow of information and retaining the web user. How many times have you started reading a web page and suddenly clicked the back button in frustration!

You want effective copy that captivates your audience? Then you are in the right place.

Hopefully you'll able to find the information you need through browsing the site but please don't hesitate to contact me should want to know more. In fact, you're welcome to contact me regardless of the reason. Just drop me a few lines to say 'hi' if you like :-)

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"Writing Copy have exceeded our expectations 47 pages of copy in under 5 days and all good"
Mortgage Compare

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"Better conversion rates come from more interesting copy! We have learnt our lesson!"
Simon Porter DFS Group

"We would recommend Writing Copy over and over again"
Maria McDonald SED

WANT Advice for writing web copy
1. Superfluous words: Look out for stock phrases creeping into your copy and avoid padding out your sentences with useless waffle.
2. Keeping to the point
3. Follow your notes